The easiest way is to email This will create a ticket and notify the team.

You can also create a ticket from this website by clicking on New Support Ticket, above. 

On the next page just enter in your email address, name, ticket subject and description. You can also add a file/image if you need to. When you're done, click Submit

Whether you choose to email us directly or create a ticket via this website, you will receive an acknowledgement email. At the bottom of this email will be a link to allow you to check on the status of your ticket. This link is just for you, so keep it handy if you want to see where we're at with dealing with your enquiry. You can also respond to us from here when we reply to your ticket, or you can just reply to the email that you'll receive.

Please note:

Your login details for the store website will not work on this support website. You will not be able to log in to this support website so please don't try, and please don't ask us for login details.
You will only be able to see status updates to your ticket by following the link at the bottom of the acknowledgement email.